Jeremiah Jae's hip-hop/hypno mixup

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Jeremiah Jae DXNCE

“Genre-mashup” is never a pretty phrase. Just stop.

Let's just say that this free download from Jeremiah Jae, a virtual unknown from Chicago who also goes by Jae R, dropped this free 11-track “EP” on Los Angeles label Brainfeeder back in December, and it goes farther than anything we've heard to employ dirty vinyl sampling and tape hiss psych jams in the same track without coming off a foreigner in either territory.

With an eclecticism that spans the taut campfire jams of Manitoba-era Caribou (Vertical Pupils), foam-walled hypnagogic psych ward looping (Wstrn Medicine), and dirty vinyl sampling and weird visual lyricism alla Doom himself (Money Huggers), may we present you with some Approved Theft.

Download it here.

Track list for DXNCE

01 Spaceman

02 Super Level Heads

03 Everything Becomes God

04 Vertical Pupils

05 Police Ball State Disco

06 Money Huggers

07 Wstrn Medicine

08 Photographs

09 The Mystery

10 Stone Passage

11 In-School