John Maus' mix for Rough Trade

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john maus

John Maus tends to spaz out in interviews about pleas for a new language and how we're squandering our pop music visions through neglect, which is all fine and dandy. John Maus also has darn good taste in music. It's a bit of a drawback that his mix-making skills resemble his speech patterns, jittery and disjointed, but the man has a lot on his mind, making the fluidity in expressing it difficult. Thus Gregorian chant records and symphonies are pitted against nervous breakdowns in psyche from The Castaways and Electric Prunes. Oh, and there's a song from Barbie's band called “Best Friends” that will conjure terrible memories of family road trips with your little sister singing the same damn song on repeat over the course of three state lines.

Download John Maus' Mix For Rough Trade here. (via Abeano)