Young Dro's Drocabulary

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The world through the eyes of Young Dro must be ultra-illuminated to damn near blinding arrays of color. Dro's uncanny ability for color-based description has him on the other side of the rainbow with horses of different colors, while we're stuck in Kansas. On “Horsein Around” (which coins new Polo slang) Dro breaks down his latest slang favorites in a crash course before getting buck on “I Shined On 'Em”. The Atlanta emcee is the lineage connection between the slang-a-nomics of E-40 and the fury of Wacka Flocka Flame.

Drocabulary still has plenty of Jackie Chan(kicks) in the trunk, but Dro's not stuck in '06, although he is still the best thang smokin'. The mixtape makes violent use of 80s R&B tropes, mixing the softer side of synth music with the aggro-thump synonymous with Lex Lugar.

Download Drocabulary here. (via Live Mixtapes)