King T.V., Set 2 EP

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king tv

Self-aware and self-referential, King T.V.'s latest EP, Set 2, shows a band who has their hearts and minds in the right places. In shapeshifting from psych-y solos to garage power chords, the Raynes Park band hardly knows how to sit still, but they barely break a sweat. The full EP—which is five delicious songs that flash by instantaneously—is full of twitchy, nervous anxiety in its lyrics and the occasional throwback to 90s garage sensationalized fun, fleeting references to Oakland contemporaries abound (Hardly Art, we're look at you). If there's anything about King T.V. that you need to know it's that you should never get too comfortable.

Stream Set 2 below, then head to this link for more info about the band's future relesaes.