Lee Noble, Our Star, The Sun

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lee noble

Lee Noble has just released a sultry, hazy — kind of like when you see that water-like mirage on the hot highway — 30 minute cassette entitled Our Star, The Sun on Moon Glyph, and it's fucking smoking.

Lee has been a acquaintance since Bathetic dropped his Darker Half cassette earlier this year. It was a somber listen, with warm tones that were wrapped in a sort of bleak, darkened fuzzy ambiance. Noble's music comes from a rich bank of organic intensity. He's from a scene that helped spawn the likes of Sparkling Wide Pressure, one artist with whom Noble shares a sonic bond. There's something natural about this music, in the way it flows freely from the source, lingers into the room, clicks.

Our Star, The Sun dropped just a bit ago, and Lee was cool enough to hook me up with a copy. You should definitely go to Moon Glyph and snag your own copy… You won't regret it.

On another note, Lee Noble also runs the No Kings label. Through No Kings, he's released the likes of Sparkling Wide Pressure, Horsehair Everywhere, and others — including my own project Gremlynz's Arkansas Vampire Eater. Be sure to take a visit to No Kings as well. There's sure to be much more killer shit dropping from there in the future.