LOL Boys, “Changes” (Shlohmo Remix)

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LOL Boys want to be heard as a pop band, making our journo-inclination to mash-up morphemes for the service our deepest inner aches to categorize obsolete. Our knee jerk reaction is to call it “web-house” or “comp-pop”, but the undeniable catchiness in “Changes” is a testament to the LOL Boys' vision beyond being the hot new music makers in a global web-based community. If we are more than programmed critics who truly value music beyond assigning a grade and filing it under “Classic” or “Bargain Bin”, then we must heed the words of Heart Street on “Changes”.

It's pedestrian discuss LOL Boys' text-speak moniker and then piggyback it into an essay on the ways of the modern world in which interaction is based upon a Google hangout feeds. So the fuck what. We can't get the fear that this cross-country video interaction is causing a disconnect in our physical lives. We can cast judgment on the LOL Boys and question with doubt as to whether Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia could ever work in a studio together or if they'd need seperate rooms with laptops to be productive. We can do that and some of us might. Or we can look at Kitty Pryde, Salva, Samo Sound Bwoy, and Wedidit Collective members singing the words to “Changes” and appreciate a song with a simple, yet eternal message deserving of our praise.

If we praise it, if we build it up in a manner it deserves, the reward is more remixes.

LOL Boys' Changes EP is out now on Friends of Friends.