Yves/Son/Ace, “Dope in the Morning”

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Here's a new addition to the mutant sound. Matthew Ford, of Seattle's noisy jagged post punks Factums and the stripped-down garage outfit Love Tan has a new solo project called YVES/SON/ACE. It's a ripped-apart cloudy pop noise Gorilla-glued onto the bitter sentimentality of the Northwest. “Dope in the Morning” starts out with a simple machine beat, played onto a reel-to-reel and turned way down. “And Then He Kissed Me”, by the Crystals, is a possible basis for the melody, but it quickly loses the tune and moves into darker territory. Matthew's lyrics snake over the composition, pumping it full of visceral ugly-doll evil. It's possible that when he sings, his head is actually rotating completely around on it's axis. That's how dark it is.

YVES/SON/ACE, “Dope in the Morning”

He's put out an unmastered tape on Night-People, but now La Station Radar (<3) are putting out a 180 gram red transparent vinyl, limited to 300 copies with the sneaky/sexy artwork above. Also, check out this really great video by Seattle artist (and member of amazing Yoko Ono cover band the Ononos) Tyler Bosch. for another song on the record, "Wallet Song", below.