Mandy Sloan, “Let’s Go For Broke”

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Multi-talented artist and indie folk pop musician Mandy Sloan may have been playing music since her teenage days, but she’s been nabbing attention for her latest work, both her solo project under her name and her more “tribal” project Yucca. Both project clean, beautiful sound, and we’re floored by her abilities as a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and illustrator. Not ones to lay claim to something without proof, here is the exclusive premiere of Mandy Sloan’s latest single “Let’s Go For Broke”.

Immediate vintage vibes, with a summery, light-as-a-feather feel to it all. When Mandy’s vocals hit, they seem to bounce along the instrumentals in a unique, fun and enchanting way. Her voice exists at an octave we would never be able to reach, a fuzzy quality to them that makes the song feel like you’re enjoying it through the crashing of brilliantly colored waves.

And we’re not far off base with our analysis, as Mandy herself expanded a bit into what inspired the track.

I often find myself dreaming of unrealistic fantasies. I like to draw and create little whimsical places that would be fun to escape to, and this song was created out of that same desire. I started imagining what it’d be like to wake up and run off with my man to somewhere fantastical. To drive off, not worrying about money, time or career and trust the adventure is all your love really needs to thrive. I think everyone imagines those times. Spontaneity seems to be apart of all of us and central to helping our relationships thrive. Money provides comfort and obtaining more of it is what we live for, but sometimes it feels like a weight holding us back from pursuing the exact person, place, or job that makes us, us. “Let’s Go For Broke” is a mix between that deep-longing-for-more-from-life-type-concept, and just a fun, beachy, shallow idea about a couple running away together.

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