Miklo, “Losing My Mind”

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Los Angeles’ new alternative pop rock collective Miklo is releasing some stellar stuff, ready to announce their incredible sound to the world. In that vein, we have the exclusive premiere of their new song “Losing My Mind”, a track that starts dark and heavy but explodes into a cacophony of rock warmth.

With lyrics like “we’re better off dead… I think I’m losing my mind / I think I’m burning alive… losing my mind,” the words don’t necessarily match the overwhelmingly upbeat nature of the song, but the vocals match the lyrics with raspy emotion and depth. While the tempo shifts a bit, the listener actually gets a feeling that they could be losing it as well.

And that’s pretty great.

Miklo had a bit to say about the track as well.

For us, this song illustrates the feeling of going crazy or on the verge of being at the “end of our rope”. May it be from external influences such as politics, class of society and the stresses of “keeping up with he Joneses”  or from internal factors such as depression and or pain. This is just our way of being able to portray feelings that we deal with from time to time.

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