Mixtape: Kanye West: Live From VH1 Storytellers (Plus the entire VH1 show)

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Look guys, I understand. Kanye does make it kind of hard sometimes to focus on his musical accomplishments. Sometimes he screams backstage at awards shows. Sometimes he wears different-looking clothes. Sometimes he says controversial things about OJ Simpson (you'll see). If you are a Republican or one of those anti auto-tune zombies then you are almost destined to hate this man, however, you all have to admit this: Kanye West is an artist who works harder and puts more into his music than almost every artist you have in your iTunes right now.

Yes, he has stupid beef with Thom Yorke right now, but he puts on amazing live shows to share his vast collection of hit songs while still trying to make interesting art. He makes sure his videos are never average or stereotypical, his image is daring, especially as far as rap goes, and he is one of the most honest lyricists working today.

My point is, stop hating on this guy because, like it or not, he is styling on all of us. Constantly. This is further evident by his VH1 Storytellers episode that aired this past Saturday, which I went ahead and posted in order of broadcast below. Watch it, then download the mixtape I have also provided all the audio from the show (which isn't in original broadcast order). Filter through this, then tell me this guy isn't trying and succeeding.

Download Kanye West: Live From VH1 Storytellers Mixtape here.

“See You In My Nightmares"

“Robo Cop”

“Flashing Lights”


“Touch The Sky”

“Say You Will”

“Good Life”



“Love Lockdown”