Noise Pop: No Age with Hüsker Dü's Bob Mould

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We srsly couldn't wait another day to tell you about this.

Photos by Matt Kowal
Words by Blake Gillespie


I've always admired the book I Was There: Gigs That Changed The World, not for its handling of the content per se, but the idea it presented. I was there for a once inna lifetime moment, a moment so perfect I mumbled in disbelief a mantra of “oh my god, oh my god,” my mouth operating superfluously to my thoughts as my eyes remained transfixed on the stage.

Seeing Hüsker Dü's Bob Mould take the stage with No Age in San Francisco is an experience I will never forget. Prior to his appearance, No Age performed a few new songs, jokingly stating a working title was “Fuck Prop 8 In The Face.” It was funny, but a bitter reminder for a city still hurting tremendously; covering “New Day Rising” was a band-aid for any hurt feelings.

I had moved to the back mid-set, mixing in with the older punk heads who still know what's up, but don't have the energy to mosh and head bang. I must admit, I rarely know band member names nor faces. When Mould took the stage, slinging his guitar strap over his shoulder, my spidey senses went off just from looking at the older punks' faces. As Mould assisted with No Age's “Minor,” I dug the performance, but I still didn't get it. I kept thinking, “fuck, I am supposed to know this old man.” It doesn't take long to realize you're hearing “New Day Rising” and it takes only a milli-second more to conclude that is the dude from Hüsker Dü.

Bigger than my smile, bigger than the smiles of old punks around me, were the smiles on the boys from No Age. You can see it in the video: they are geeking the fuck out. Rightfully so; I want to write pages documenting the significance of this Sunday afternoon and I didn't even know who was on stage for a good three minutes. Instead I will let this day sink in, reserve my words and merely state, I was there when Bob Mould played “New Day Rising” with No Age at Bottom of the Hill and it was perfect, simply perfect.