Morgan Delt, “Obstacle Eyes”

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morgan delt

Impose's trusty Managing Editor Blake Gillespie already went long on the first single from Morgan Delt's forthcoming debut self-titled, an “adrenaline shot to the neck,” as he decribed it. Now, following up “Beneath the Black and Purple” is the less aggressive, sweeter-toned “Obstacle Eyes”, which is intended for summery listens and reclining; less like an adrenaline shot than a milky pina colada on a Southern California beach with a handful of mates surrounding you, encouraging laziness. The track is bubbly and psychedelic, but not in the way that we've seen lately—Delt utilizes unfamiliar guitar techniques and pedals that go one step beyond to bring his 60s-influenced sound into the future, his sugary voice only adding to the joy.

Morgan Delt's debut releases through Trouble In Mind on January 24. Stream “Obstacle Eyes” below.