The March Divide, “That Song I Wrote For You”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

San Antonio-based indie/rock music project The March Divide – led fearlessly by the multi-talented Jared Putnam – has been garnering plenty of attention for the ease with which it presents music, hooking fans of nineties punk rock and indie music all at the same time. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the music video for the enchanting track “That Song I Wrote For You”.

“I don’t typically write my songs in one sitting, but I love it when I do,” admits Putnam. “I wrote this one all at once, in a Harlingen, Texas hotel room. What I like most about the video for it is that we were able to make it at all. Because of my tour schedule, I had given up on it, but we had a show cancel, and that gave us a day off in El Paso, where I’m originally from. While driving to Houston for our next show, we shot the video at Dave’s Pawn Shop, a famously eclectic and interesting place in downtown El Paso.”

The song itself provides a slow edge in, as you watch the band perform the song live in a small practice space. Dark lighting and shadows keep the mood emotional, as visuals cut to shots of a woman walking around the city. Take it in for yourself now!

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