Crystal Antlers' “Dead Horses” and “Little Sister”

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Two new Crystal Antlers tracks see the Californians refining their post-teen, shimmery, shambolic odes to love and loss into a signature.

Crystal Antlers have been staking a claim to being one of the few new road warrior rock bands of the past few year. That the band consistently returns to La Punta Banda, Mexico to record and play house band at Los Gordos Cantina adds that untouchable aura of dusty old rock 'n' roll legitimacy, but maybe also that cagey reverb bouncing off their syrupy sad guitar licks and seven-digit organ melodies that dial up times when you were young and dangling your legs off suspension bridges, or Rio Grande border walls. Hopefully stuffing yourself with dirt cheap antojitos and getting sick off mescal, too, if we want to get specific.

Crystal Antlers, “Dead Horses”

Crystal Antlers, “Little Sister”

The band's been kind enough to give these two tracks for free, but both these are available on a red vinyl 7-inch that you can buy here.