Night-People's gotta new comp, Cola Heavy Nights

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Night-People Compilation, Cola Heavy Nights

If you have an ounce (or even less) of none-sense and noise loving psychosis in you, there's nowhere better to melt in this hot summer heat wave than the goey remains of a Night-People compilation, cobbled with care by labelhead and Wet Hair kingpin Shawn Reed.

He hands this down to you with open arms, meaning you can grab the whole thing here.

Night-People Summer Comp
01 Naked on the Vague- Making Enemies
02 The Twerps- Good Advice
03 PC Worship- Staring at the Sun
04 Lazer Zeppelin- This Heart
05 The Pheromoans- Stubble Brothers
06 Wet Hair- In the Garden of the Pharoahs
07 Yves Son Ace- Untitled
08 Broken Water- Heal
09 Pageants- Drink the World
10 Sleep Over- The Key
11 Rene Hell- Club Night Stalker
12 Wild Safari- Champagne Bubble Bath
13 Peaking Lights- Little Birds
14 Terror Bird- Married Women
15 Birty Beaches- Paris
16 EMA- Mouth Like the Sun