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Enjoy this week's roundup, with new videos by Clipd Beaks, Growing, Freddie Gibbs, and, may we interest nostalgia junkies in some Angela Lansbury cameltoe?

Bedroom Community label tour

This is like when the round robin tour
with No Age, Deerhunter, and Dan Deacon started going all collab during
their show at Brooklyn Bowl, but all these people went to music school
and wear turtlenecks. [Via]

Growing, “Hormone & Drone Burger”

Freddie Gibbs, “ThisIsFreddie”

Gibbs is hanging with 50, doing a manly fashion shoot.

Eels, “Unhinged”


Clipd Beaks, “Blood”

From the album To Realize, directed by Nathan Budde. [Via]

Angela Lansbury Stroke Book


Mountain Man, “From a Tunnel on a Hill”


El Prez, “Inglewood” (Feat. Shawn Chrystopher and Polyester)

For the upcoming Animal Style, out on President's Day here. Directed by Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleischman for APLUS Films.

DJ Spinna, “Get On Down” (Feat. Fresh Daily, P.SO, Homeboy Sandman)

Produced and directed by Chancleta Entertainment.

A little what the fuck

“'In G.O.D. We Trust' remixes the political and economical hardships Barrack Obama has to overcome within various religious contexts.” Did you really need to read that to watch Obama as a bobbly headed Buddha? Then there's more info here. [Via]

Memoryhouse, “Lately”

Directed by Jamie Harley

R.I.P Dilla, from Common

Babe Rainbow, “Shaved”

Censorship and motivational laughter

When a gets old, watch b. When bored of b, revert to a. Repeat.