Ow, Rust Worship

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rust worship paul haney

And now for some pummeling noise.

The husky, mutilated sounds of Rust Worship are helpful for a lot of every day activities around the house, including but not limited to:

– floor refinishing
– roof paneling
– forging steel
– psychological reconditioning retreats
– also a great substitute for teeth enamel

Rust Worship is the maniacal project of one Paul Haney, founder of Obsolete Unit and general manipulator, or in his words, misuser of turntables, tapes, electronics, synths, “whatever else is at hand.” Perhaps keep a few feet distance from him during shows unless you are particularly percussive.

Rust Worship, “Live at 13 Thames” (Excerpt)

This trauma was induced at 13 Thames earlier this year and was set to tape for a release on his label. You can catch him fucking with shit in the background (or the foreground, maybe) during the NY Eye & Ear Tape Trading Show at Coco66 on May 20.