Pusha T over “Where I'm From”

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At first we were uncertain of the reason behind Pusha T spitting heat over Jay-z's “Where I'm From” beat, perhaps a solo mixtape is on the way, but even if he just felt like going in on a raw beat, we're cool with the results.

Pusha T along with his rapper in crime Malice are notorious for their celebration of the drug kingpin life on record. Recently, Jamaican drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke (best drug lord name ever) was arrested just outside Kingston. A previous attempt to apprehend Coke sparked a four day gun battle between security forces and his soldiers that left 76 dead.

Pusha T is not taking the side of the Jamaican government. He opens his verse with “dearly beloved, hail Dudus” making it obvious as to what inspired Pusha's verse and where his allegiance lies. Jay sounded raw mapping out his terrain of Marcy Projects over this beat, but Pusha T writing a “get out of jail soon” verse instead of just sending a card to prison is some gangster shit.

Pusha T, “Dearly Beloved”