Radiant Reveries, “Enough is Enough”

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Founded on the premise of friendship and seeking truth, NYC-based psych/ tribal/ folk /rock band Radiant Reveries have been kicking ass and taking names in the city. Their latest single, “Enough is Enough”, is a killer commentary against unnecessary acts of violence. It debuts here, right now.

Has there ever been a more gut-wrenching and beautiful testament to peace? Of course it’s been decades since every song released was about giving peace a chance and standing up for our rights to be free. In today’s political environment, it is – unfortunately – becoming increasingly necessary to discuss violence and its effects on the innocent.

Radiant Reveries take their stand in the form of song. At times abrasive and sporadic, the point couldn’t be more clear: “Enough is Enough”. This is their call to rise up against destructive thoughts and meaningless acts of terror and violence, and it’s a real fire-inducer.