Shit Giver dole out the gothic delaycore

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Shit Giver

Shit Giver is a three-piece from Los Angeles whose music breathes melancholy, and yet there’s always something compelling about listening to someone else’s despair, perhaps because we need reminding that we’re not the only ones who feel it. Shit Giver’s music may be blue, but they aren’t bogged down in sadness, and don’t seem to take it so seriously given the moniker alone, as well as their self-prescribed genre: gothic delaycore. Letting a shimmering wash of psychedelia shine through at all the right moments, Shit Giver is doing exactly what the name prescribes: Giving out the shit (whatever that means, you decide). Their demo tape is three songs short, with crooning vocals and enough delay and reverb to make your head spin into a whirlpool of shoegaze delight. Notable Shit Giver character is Lucian, former bassist of Fiasco who has taken up drumming for the band. Stream their tape below.