Showyousuck, “R.A.D. (1428 Elm St.)”

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Chicago’s Showyousuck is a culture junkie. Had he not fed his addiction through references in rap songs, it may have fried his psyche into a Scanners-esque overload. Showing no signs of wearing thin on source material “R.A.D. (1428 Elm St.)”, released through MISHKA Records, is a tour de force over Freddy Krueger meets Lex Luger production courtesy of Mike Jaxx.

From Stanley Ipkiss to Dr. Lipschitz, Showyousuck’s comfort zone is a tour through ’90s pop culture that connects the dots between “eat my shorts” and Eat The Rich. And while it all amounts to a killer track with a lucid bridge that only heightens the anxiety of those slasher cords, there’s still the matter of calling Mark McGrath his spirit animal that just doesn’t sit well. Sure, in the 90s McGrath was the epitome of cool and we must accept that as an egregious fact in the history of modern society. But, spirit animal cool in 2015? Have we really come full circle?