Soft Lions, “Freeway”

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As San Diego’s decade and genre-blending trio Soft Lions – comprised of Megan Liscomb, Ana Ramundo, and Jon Bonser – braces themselves for the release of their latest EP, XOXO, on October 28th, we prep for what’s to come with the exclusive premiere of their song “Freeway”. The sound of this track is slightly vintage, a simple composition that has us noticing the percussion more than anything. With a fairly upbeat backtrack and slightly muddled vocals, it’s not noticeable right off the bat that the song is about a not-so-comfortable transition that we all experience at one time or another.

“‘Freeway’ is about losing a friend and knowing there’s nothing you can say,” elaborates Megan. “The chorus is sort of instructions for how to let them go.”

The chorus lyrics :

if your heart still hurts, write her a letter
tear it into pieces and take it to the freeway at dawn, at dawn
then if your heart still hurts, tear up the pieces
and let ’em blow over the freeway to find her, to find her
let ’em blow, let ’em blow

Tour Dates
10/08  Los Angeles, CA @ Lex Theater
11/10  Bakersfield, CA @ Sandrini’s
11/12  San Francisco, CA @ Milk Bar
11/13  Sacramento, CA @ The Hideaway
11/15  Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
11/17  Eugene, OR @ Wandering Goat
11/18  Chico, CA @ Maltese

Soft Lions is set to tour the west coast in the coming months, so make sure to check out their unique and fun live performance. XOXO is out October 28th on Velvet Blue Music. Keep up with Soft Lions here.