Nomadic Firs Gives Us First Taste of LVSK RMXS With Julsy Remix

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Ryan Boos’ musical project Nomadic Firs is really taking shape, as well as taking on a life of its own. Although he’s seen quite a bit of success with his past projects, Nomadic Firs hit one out of the park with the release of his latest single LVSK in May, which was welcomed with critical acclaim. He has now collected an extensive list of remixes of the track by various artists, to be released on an album in mid-October. We’ve got the Julsy remix to give you a taste of what’s to come.

This track is the lead track off the upcoming remix release, and it maintains its ethereal quality in the most respectable of ways. Noticeable off the bat is the lack of keys on the track in the beginning, something that set a light, staccato tone to the original track. The Julsy remix has more of a jungle feel to it, with added percussion elements. This remix feels more tranquil than the original, however, and – as noted by Nomadic Firs – possesses a haunting quality that “raises the hair on [his] neck.”

We couldn’t agree more.

More to come from Nomadic Firs, so keep up to date on bandcamp.