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Jackie-O's full-length, Earth Sound System, is as obtusely odd as ever and streaming this week over at AOL Spinner. The collection of six tracks launches from a recognizable source, with Tom Greenwood's characteristically dweeby baritone intoning tears and mourning loss, but the album fractures towards separate planets: “Raga Joining” and “Raga Separating” are glitch skronk at their most hyper-distracted, with vinyl spinning and hand percussion rattling in the mind of an autonomic ADHD machine, while the track that “Joining” collapses into without warning, “Bring It to Me”, is another classically Jackie-O/Tom Greenwood bummer ballad sequenced with lyrical mirror games and subtly freaking delay recessed in the mix.

Enjoy the first and last songs on Earth Sound System (featured in that order below):

Jackie-O Motherfucker, “In The Willows”

Jackie-O Motherfucker, “Where We Go”

The album came out officially yesterday on Fire Records. Go hear it.