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With albums on Life's Blood, Mush, and regional Davis College-based label KDVS Recordings (also the independent college radio station), Daniel Trudeau's Pregnant project has entered its prolific stage, in which we can look back upon his work and note the evolution from loop pedal virtuoso to Placerville family band to its current incarnation of three-piece band. Today, Trudeau adds Porch Party Records to his label list with the release of Inconvenience.

In an interview with dublab, Trudeau explained Inconvenience as being about “original thinking and using who one is to make the right decisions shed in the light of lone efforts to be what one wants to be (to be where one wants to be).” He added, “the album is about using the mind to converse with and talk one’s self through discouraging situations.” Having seperated from the the mother of his child, Trudeau is no stranger to discouraging situations and as I noted in an earlier piece on the song “Forehead”, his creative process has become a coping mechanism as “in two sentences he conveys a charming game to keep a child's imagination strong, protecting it from the pain of divorce. In giving the psychic power to us, Trudeau assures us the gift of imagination does not have to be denied or lost entirely…”. Nuggets to savor and consider like carefully worded fortune cookies exist across Inconvenience, and really this is nothing new with Pregnant, but the real growth is in the stuttering use of jazz samples, and instrumental cut-n-paste work that warms his project through the familiarity of hip hop production. He's found a middle ground in which his weirdness may exist without sacrificing his pop appeal.

Pregnant's Inconvenience is out now on Porch Party Records.