Stream the b-side of Little Spoon's Girlfriend Forever CS

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Little Spoon

Nary a month out from his latest solo release as Yom San, Cam Potter returns with another cassette from his Little Spoon moniker, entitled Girlfriend Forever. It's out on April 8 through the illustrious MJ MJ Records, and we've got an exclusive first listen of the tape's 4-track B-side.

Little Spoon makes tasteful, danceable synth-pop that draws inspiration from the avant-garde, and its got the artistic credibility to sell their effortless, populist hooks to crowds who'd otherwise turn their noses up at such pleasantries. Girlfriend Forever is markedly more lush than 2013's I See, and the tunes found in this new collection double down on both pop sensibilities and ambient atmospherics.

The clear standout here is “I Fux With The Future”, which opens side B and fully delivers on its titular promise of a futuristic pop anthem. Where other tracks on the tape ebb and flow in murky, reverberating synthscapes, “Future” finds Little Spoon embracing the catharsis inherent in an unrelenting, double-time drum loop.

“Anyone” features some silky-smooth vocal harmonies—I dare say—that *other* famous MJ would appreciate, were he a fan of limited-run cassettes and also not dead. Speaking of dead Michael Jackson, I could just be tripping but I swear I'm hearing his ghastly moans and coos echoing throughout closer “There Is Something Over That Hill”. The King is gone but he's not forgotten; hear how he howls.

Little Spoon's Girlfriend Forever is out April 8 on MJ MJ Records.