Taxidermists, “Angel II”

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“I am an Angel, and I’ll never lie,” Cooper Handy sings on the new Taxidermists single, from the band’s first 7″ with Telegraph Harp Records.  “Angel II” is just over a minute long, and yet provides a telling picture of The Taxidermists sound and style.  A young duo out of Western Massachusettes, they breathe the grunge revival that’s crept into the greater New England area in recent years.  Dinosaur Jr.’s distorted edge and Pixies’ loose structures worm their way in, but more so than their indie rock inspirations, its the youthful spirit that accompanies The Taxidermists’ music that offers a compelling listen. And let’s be real here, only the non-jaded youth posses the ability to call oneself an angel, even if it is a little tongue in cheek.  As for their live performance, there’s a vibrant energy that follows them throughout, one that only comes from a connection shared by two best friends.  The Taxidermists are currently on tour with angry banjo-punk rockers, Show Me The Body. Stream the single below and catch the rest of their tour dates. The seven-inch can be ordered here.

Taxidermists tour dates:
15 Providence @ the Funky Jungle
16 New York @ Silent Barn w/ Show Me the Body, Sporting Life, Tippwerk
17 Boston @ Lasthaus w/ Show Me the Body, The Channels, Charlie & Trophy Knife