Telephoned, Keep Their Heads Ringin' Mixtape

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Opening your mixtape with Dr. Dre's “Keep Their Heads Ringin'” and flipping it into the the “Shine Blockas” beat was all the incentive I needed to post Telephoned as this week's Friday Night. Further props go to a The Cure cover of “Friday I'm In Love”.

The Fool's Gold band Telephoned is singer Maggie and producer Sam Bananas. The duo's mixtape is an exploratory journey through Top 40 radio as Rhianna, B.O.B. , Donnis and Jay-Z all feel the well adjusted juke and snap of Bananas' tweaking production. As the genres of dance and hip hop continue to collapse into a pulsating heap, Telephoned is throwing a party at the venue dug out in the bottom of the massive pile. Three years ago this mixtape would have been appalling, but right now, this is so acceptable it's scary. I've never heard the original “Dinosaurs With Guns,” but wow, Telephoned's chipmunks on disco coke rendition is going to cause some heart attacks on the electric light floor.

Download Telephoned's Keep Their Heads Ringin' Mixtape here.

Telephoned, “Night by Night”

Telephoned, “Keep It Warm/Lemonade/Rill Rill”

Telephoned, “Dinosaurs With Guns”