The Avalanche ft. Freddie Gibbs, “Bad Day”

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Apparently, The Avalanches believe in the adage of taking nothing into the new year. Yesterday, the Australian Electronic mavens released “Bad Day,” a self-described “rough mix” of a “Christmas Jam.” They brought along Freddie Gibbs for the ride.

The track sounds a little unmixed and murky, but the good vibes radiate outward. Over cheerful guitar riffs and an endearing vocal sample, Gangsta Gibbs leads off the holiday track rhyming in his signature flow about the brand of snow that’s heartwarming—in a bad way. Afterwards, the group plays with another vocal sample and cheerful synths before the track fades out.

It’s the bands first output since their July Wildflower album, and although it’s a little after Christmas, it’s always good to hear new Gibbs.

You can listen to “Bad Day” below.