The Caution Children, “Knowing About Bombs”

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The Caution Children

Florida's The Caution Children throw the proverbial caution to the wind, with the anarchist cookbook-powder keg premiere of “Knowing About Bombs”. Following up Unknown Lands, the Floridians got Jack Shirley from Comadre to help out with the recording of their upcoming album, Safe Crusades / No Judgements / And Baby for Flannel Gurl Records. The five piece of Nicholas, Ian, Jon, Eddie, and Logi have already read us our rosaries with “Psalms“, and now take us into the danger, delights and perils that comes with “Knowing About Bombs”. So make a run for the underground shelter, as these children of caution abide by the necessary procedures that takes conventional safety precautions to task. Aggressive guitar violence awaits, to crush eardrums with an explosive sense of destructive sciences.

The quiet strum of guitars begins and ends the piece to anchor the unfurling rain (reign?) of thunder. The closing chapter skips off the torrential collasas attack of pummeling riffs and the controled fires and decay of distortion choices. The opening introductory chords carefully lead you into the belly of the internal combustion engine that ignites like an arrant cigarette in a firework factory. “Knowing About Bombs” hits you with every bottlerocket and M-80 blast at the disposal of The Children of Caution. And by the time you reach the song's ceranium altering conclusion, it becomes apparant that according to the song's compositional code of arms that knowledge is not enough-as survival from the onslaught of this no-mercy citadel becomes the paramount objective.

The Caution Children's singer Nicholas Aflleje talks favorites from the Florida scenes, their upcoming album for Flannel Gurl, inside the group's utilization of overwhelming audio elements, and more.

What's the latest from your respective stomping grounds of Jacksonville/Orange Park, Florida? What's the scene like there?

We've actually migrated all over north and central Florida now. A few different places have taken us in and we split time with them like a child of divorce.

Other local bands of interest?

Someone up north recently said that the Florida music scene is doing some really interesting things right now. With that in mind, I took stock of the bands in our territory and found that I had to agree with them.

Bands I thought of: You'll Live, Frameworks, Gillian Carter, Flashlights, Ex-Breathers, XMAS, Send Away Stranger, Forms, AC Deathstrike, Dikembe, and You Blew It!

How has the winter treated you all?

It's made us feel pretty guilty. You see on the internet that your friends in Chicago have their toilet water icing over while earlier in the day you complained about 45 degree weather. To be fair, we do live in Florida and don't like seasons.

In selecting the name The Caution Children, was this your guys's way of putting your own parental advisory sticker on the band name?

It was our way to avoid having a name that was even worse.

How did you all survive recording your new record, Safe Crusades / No Judgements / And Baby?

I'm still not sure, to be honest. That was a long, long drive…worth it, but long.

What was the secret into making your cyclone of sound centrifuge, displayed on the war-lording, “Knowing About Bombs”?

We've often been interested in taking some of the more overwhelming elements of shoegaze and blending it with the aggressive music we grew up with. I'm guessing it lies somewhere in that, but I can't be too sure.

The key to making explosive sounds?

You punning me?

How does having that kind of body of explosive knowledge come in handy, say around Fourth of July? Not that we recommend it, but do you all make your own DIY fireworks? That just sounds, dangerous, ha.

We actually have, with a futon mattress and gasoline. It was exactly how it sounds. It was bad.

What's the springtime battle plan for The Caution Children?

We have a month long tour we're doing around March and April in order to celebrate the new album.

Safe Crusades / No Judgements / And Baby will be available February 18 on vinyl and cassette from Flannel Gurl Records.

The band's tour begins in March, that includes a first time appearance in Canada and various non-official SXSW showcases via the following dates:

09 Tallahassee, FL
10 Birmingham, AL
11 Jackson, MS
12 New Orleans, LA
13 Houston, TX
14 Austin, TX SXSW
15 Austin, TX SXSW
16 Monroe, LA
17 Little Rock, AR
18 Memphis, TN
19 Nashville, TN
20 St. Louis, MO
21 Bloomington, IL
22 Milwaukee, WI
23 Chicago, IL
24 Kalamazoo, MI
25 Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
26 Toronto, ON
27 Montreal, QC
28 Ottawa, ON
29 Binghamton, NY
30 Philadelphia, PA
31 Hyattsville, MD

01 Richmond, VA
02 Greensboro, NC
03 Chapel Hill, NC
04 Atlanta, GA
05 Orlando, FL