Toro y Moi feat. Rome Fortune, “Pitch Black”

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Toro y Moi just can’t seem to miss with this turn-up music. In the last month, Chaz Bundik has released four songs via Soundcloud, none of which fall neatly underneath the umbrella of chillwave, synth pop, or the kind of 80’s pop revivalism he put forth on an album like Anything In Return. The only thing anyone seems to know about how these songs are linked is the tag that they all share; #Samantha. Still, though these tracks haven’t kept in line with anything you traditionally associate with Bundik: they all have a very contemporary trap and club music influence.

The most recent of these tracks is “Pitch Black” featuring “The coolest mother funker on the planet / The saddest mother funker on the planet,” Atlanta based rapper Rome Fortune (the dude with the green beard who’s probably blowing up your soundcloud feed). Fortune comes with this choppy but effortless flow that charmingly breaks up the beat. As a producer, Bundik’s beat on this song has this off-kilter quality, almost like Jerry Paper trying to cover The Chronic. Instrumentally the song has the basic tenants of g-funk, a slick high pitched synth melody over a steady beat and relaxed flow, but uses the reverb, sub-bass and, other obviously more electronic sounds to give it a darker quality.

It’s hard to say where these songs are coming from, but in an age during which blatantly experimental and more adventurous hip-hop instrumentals are gaining popularity, Bundik is proving himself to be a person who could truly have a lot to offer the genre moving forward.

The other #samantha tracks can be found here.