Volcania Dread, “You Might Just Like It”

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volcania dread

This summer, we interviewed Tel Aviv's Vaadat Charigim about some of the difficulties international bands face trying to reach US audiences, especially in a highly saturated market where people look to pigeonhole at every step of a band's coming-of-age. Their determination to buck stereotypes and transcend language barriers was enlightening; a worldview worth aspiring to. “You Might Just Like It,” a new track by another Tel Aviv band, Volcania Dread, has a simple stripped-down indiepop sound that harkens back to the old school of this loosely defined genre. Uppity notions of relevance, be damned. These guys are just fun.

Stream “You Might Just Like It” below, and if you can't quite make out the breezy lyrics, check them out on their Bandcamp page.