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After watching The Black Lips in-studio with Mark Ronson on Rolling Stone, I had to take a moment to mourn the loss of all that was once lo-fi. Watching the fathers of Atlanta's “flower punk” scene parade through rooms full of recording equipment worth more than my house is certainly a little weird but my heart sank for every poor, struggling musician when I noticed Rolling Stone's comment about Ronson; “judging by the material captured here, [Ronson] hasn't changed what he calls their “lo-fi garageness.”

I'm reminded of a time when torn and faded blue jeans were sold at incredible prices to rich high-schoolers. Any authenticity left in the lo-fi sound has been eradicated by the process, which further supports the accessibility of a shallow buzzword. Regardless of buzzwords and rich producers, The Black Lips have always been capable of making great records. I'm hoping Arabia Mountain, to be released June 7 on Vice Records, steps out from the boring shell of genres that surround it.

But hey, there's good news too, Lockett Pundt guest produces a couple of tracks, which should add some charm. As we announced before, they'll be touring in the spring with Vivian Girls.

Arabia Mountain
01 Family Tree
02 Modern Art
03 Spidey's Curse
04 Mad Dog
05 Mr. Driver
06 Bicentennial Man
07 Go Out And Get It
08 Raw Meat
09 Bone Marrow
10 The Lie
11 Time
12 Dumpster Dive
13 New DIrection
14 Noc-a-homa
15 Don't Mess My Baby
16 You Keep On Running