Earl Sweatshirt releases two new songs

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Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt, the Odd Future rapper and part-time Joe Budden impersonator, has placed two new tracks on a Soundcloud account listed as “important_man464”. Both tracks are loose demos of which it's safe to assume were recorded in 2012, since one track is literally titled “SONG FROM 2012 HIGH 6AM RAMBLING AT THE 5th*”. The second track features guest verses from Mac Miller and Vince Staples. There's little else to say, since these are just sketches of songs with little worth exploring besides laughing at Mac Miller calling Earl an asshole.

Meanwhile on Twitter, should you see Earl Sweatshirt in LA traffic (or a dude in a bald cap with a sharpied Joe Budden beard), don't hesitate to hollar at him. He's apparently cruising around with his new album in the CD deck.