EULA, “I Collapse”

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Who the fuck can say punk is dead when a band like Brooklyn's, EULA, so effortlessly rips to shreds? Sure, there is an abundance of ear-splitting bands out there that tear through hasty tracks like lightning, but isn't it beginning to get taxing? It's refreshing to hear EULA pick up the pieces and rearrange them into punk that isn't so generic.

EULA is a trio: “Nate is the pants, Alyse is the blouse, and Jeff is the cummerbund.” Their recent track, “I Collapse”, released through GODMODE Records, is a turbulent jam that tosses and trembles. The guitar surges alongside a muggy bass and drums that smash to a pulp. Alyse Lamb is the tempest at the center of the track, and her searing vocals reach every dynamic between forlorn howls and frenzied caterwauls. EULA will be playing at Death By Audio on February 21 with Grooms, The Flag, and more.