Pure X, “Things In My Head”

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Pure X

Austin, Texas' Pure X announced the release of a new LP on the horizon. Crawling Up The Stairs is a woeful, yet optimistic album, concocted in the wake of a serious leg injury that burdened band member Nate Grace for most of 2012. The album seems to encapsulate the anxiety of an uncertain future and learning how to grapple with growing older.

Pure X released a single from the LP to tease us. “Things in my Head” is a nebulous track that orbits in and out of the ears. The track is expansive, teeming with spacy synth, drizzly guitars, and an ebullient bass. The warm and springy drums coalesce with candied and cooing vocals to emulate the sweet sorrow that comes with discomfort and uncertainty. Crawling Up The Stairs is anticipated to be released on May 14 through Acephale Records in North America and Merok Records worldwide.