Foot Village Sign to Northern Spy

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The title pretty much covers it all, but Foot Village, the drum-and-shout ensemble from LA, has signed to Brooklyn label Northern Spy, who just finished putting on their second annual Spy Festival, by all accounts a great success. The label is frequently home to acts from the underground who express a kind of urgency in their music – Starring, Extra Life, Zs, and Old Tyme Relijun come immediately to mind – so Foot Village seems like a very natural fit. The band is made up of five members: Brian Kinsman, Dan Rowan, Josh Taylor-Fantastic (XBXRX), and Matt Loveridge (Beak>), who all play the drums, and Grace Lee, who sometimes plays the drums but more frequently is whipping her tiny frame around the crowd, screaming infectively, as the tribal rhythm is spun behind her. They released their first LP in 2007, and have had three albums since, but even though there is no announcement I think we can surmise that a new full length will be released post-haste.

One thing that the band and label have given us right now is a nice little sampler to download for free of past Foot Village tracks, for the unintiated. It's one of those thingies where you have to enter your email address to get the track, so hopefully you either have a fakie set up for this purpose or you don't mind getting an email blast once in a while from Northern Spy – I get them, and they are very informative, so I endorse putting your email in this box to get some free archival listening material.