La Sera, we barely knew ye

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la sera katy goodman

La Sera is when you stop calling her Kickball Katy and start going by Ms. Goodman.

This is very pretty music, very wonderfully produced music, music you pull from a crate in The Future (the crate is digitalized), music you play again because it instantly returns you to the kind of 60 fantasies for which you're already a human nostalgia factory. Nuggets live there, as does the anecdotal evidence that your parents had decent record collections, and dropped acid (or at least you would have). . . people will always say Nico's there and if we happen to pull a La Sera track out, it gets us closer because we actually heard it when it was young.

We don't have anything to say about La Sera versus Goodman's other bands. But La Sera's album is out early next year, and the first 7-inch single to come around, “Never Come Around” is great enough for us to envision her on the hype ropes in a balancing act between all her projects, if that's what it comes to.

So, La Sera, have fun, we barely knew you.

La Sera, “Never Come Around”