New single from Memoryhouse

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Memoryhouse seems to be taking the fresh-squeezed OJ approach to their discography: a maddeningly small yield of sweet, pulpy nectar that you will throw down your thirsty gullet in two seconds. Savoring is for suckers.

In this spirit, the duo will release a new 7″ single, “Caregiver,” on December 7, with a digital release on November 9. This follows Memoryhouse's 12-minute EP, The Years, and while the band promises to stay flush with reverb and dreaminess, they also promise a more fleshed-out sound with “upright piano, a string quartet, and natural drums.”

But until then, make do with “Bonfire,” the b-side from the band's previously released single, “Lately.” How many oranges did it take to make that tambourine sound solemn and sexy?

Memoryhouse, “Bonfire”