Lust For Youth, “Chasing The Light”

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Lust For Youth

Hannes Norrvide, a Swedish producer, is notorious for atonal synth drones. However, his current project, Lust For Youth, is a triumphant endeavor that mollifies ambient noise and synth pop into a turbulent and spirited enterprise. On February 19, Lust For Youth is releasing the Chasing the Light 12” through Sacred Bones Records.

Chasing the Light features three tracks: “Chasing the Light”, “Chasing the Light (Anthony Naples Remix)”, and “Can You Come Closer.” This week Lust For Youth unveiled the title track to rouse us before the release of the 12”. “Chasing the Light” is a gleaming track charged with feral and pithy vocals, escalating synthesizers, and a sober electronic drum beat. And to be fair, has Swedish synth pop ever let anyone down? Maybe, but Lust For Youth's fluorescent finesse is sure to impress.