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Get over to Broken Social Scene's website pronto to hear “World Sick,” a leaked song from Forgiveness Rock Record.

I can't, nor will I ever attempt to, speak for the rest of you, but anticipation for new sounds from the Broken Social Scene camp always excites me. Some might reason it boils down to little crushes on its social scene of talented ladies. Yes, I will endure Vh1 morning programming in hopes of stealing a few moments to satiate my crush on Leslie Feist. I only crush on Feist because I feel as though I have less of a chance with the queen bee Emily Haines. I should crush on Amy Millan, (based on a Gob Bluth theory: third place always puts out) but I was never able to get into Stars. As for Lisa Lobsinger, well, her signature pigtail look is #1 with a bullet on my heart, but she's got a spacey presence that leads me to believe our auras won't mesh or some shit.

As for the merits I should judge a band on, like records, the catalog speaks for itself. I get down with all the solo titled, collective constructed albums of the Arts & Crafts team. I hope that someday Broken Social Scene is to Toronto what Flaming Lips is to Oklahoma City – keys to the city status.

“World Sick” was leaked this morning on the band's website. All it takes is an email address to gain access to the mp3.

Forgiveness Rock Record is out May 4 on Arts & Crafts.

Broken Social Scene, “World Sick”