Teeth Mountain, Shams, Narwahlz on Judge Judy

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Jezebel picked this Judge Judy clip up yesterday, we guess because they thought the wasted music hipsters were funny, not because this was members of Wham City fucking with the system. The rest of the internet apparently swallowed it whole too, if what you get when you google “Judge Judy Cat-Killing Hipster” is any indication.

Update: Photos of Shams and Teeth Mountain brawling onstage at a recent show.

Posing as bizarro, destructive, more than slightly retarded versions of themselves for a Judge Judy scenario that involved thrown TV sets and a dead cat, were members of Teeth Mountain/Dan Deacon Ensemble, Shams, and Narwhalz (the last two in full-on biker jackets, for chrissake).

No need to go on, just watch it.

Jezebel post here.