New Thee Oh Sees in May

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Can this steady stream of Thee Oh Sees records continue for the remainder of my humdrum days? Rain on Easter, running my furnace in April and in-the-red bank accounts can't drag down the bliss I get from the “la-la-la” chorus of “I Was Denied.”

“I Was Denied” gets heavy burn in Thee Oh Sees live set. Oddly enough, it did not occur to me until this morning that the song was for an upcoming project. The infectiousness took to my ears naturally, causing little question; instead I recall banging my head slightly harder when this song hit the speakers. “I Was Denied” is the first leak from Warm Slime, which is the follow up to last year's Dog Poison. Hmm, what could the next Thee Oh Sees album title be? Slam Pig? Moist Box?

Man, this song is a train spike to the head. “I got fucked up, suffice to say” sums up a gut reaction (do you feel it? because I feel it) to the denials of life or in Dwyer's case, denials of living in the sea – whatever that means. How is it Thee Oh Sees are able to sing about absolutely nothing in particular and be everyone's favorite band? “Dead Energy” is just garbled gagging, but I lose my shit every time I hear it played. Something to be said, something I don't feel like exploring at the moment, about a band that can “la-la-la” and “uh-uh-uh” it's way into our souls.

Warm Slime is out May 11 on In The Red.

Thee Oh Sees, “I Was Denied”