Philip Seymour Hoffman's Happiness Only Real When Shared cassette

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philip seymour hoffman happiness only real when shared

Philip Seymour Hoffman, the one-man New York branch of the commies over at FMLY, goes by a real name sometimes, but people still call him Philip all the time. In French, that's Philippe. In German, Philipp. This is important because, as you may notice from the photograph below, our dear Noah Klein made the great American double finger salute tour through the heart darknesses that some out there call “culture”, dragging his toy pianos, plastic monster masks, and broken, half-ass-embled guitars (high E strings are so early oughts!) through the muck of high-end cheese, lofty Renaissance portraiture, sauerkraut forests, hashish firesales. Poor man came out richer, and our latest Impose tape is the evidence.

All hail Philip Seymour Hoffman's Happiness Only Real When Shared, out October 19 on Impose Records!

And hey, while you're at it, catch him with Octopus Project and Starfucker at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn this Friday, October 8!