Lower Dens, Talk Normal split cassette

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Artwork for the Talk Normal Lower Dens split cassette

We're so excited to be able to share with you that the fifth volume of our cassette series is a split between Brooklyn's Talk Normal and Baltimore's Lower Dens.

cassette is a special one for the Impose family because not only does it
have two amazing bands we're friends with, it will come packaged in two different series
of 100.

Featuring two previously unreleased songs – Talk Normal's “Hot Water
Burns” and Lower Dens' “Submit” – one set of 100 will feature Lower Dens on the
A-side and their
photo on the interior artwork, the other set with Talk Normal on the
A-side and their photo on the interior artwork. As shown, both versions have
complete liner notes.

Talk Normal and Lower Dens will be playing
the CMJ Imposition at Don Pedro's
on October 20. The split cassette officially comes out October 19,
but you can pre-order your copy here.