R.I.P. Boogie Boarder

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They played not one, or two, but count 'em, three of our favorite shows in living memory (or at least they were supposed to play three, who's counting, really). They were that band which we proclaimed to ride the biggest vibes when they dropped their illustrious and illustrated Pizza Hero, a joyous album that will go down in the annals graffiti'd on the sides of our skulls as a real good time.

So it is with heavy hearts that, after reading some Twitter nonsense, we realized we may have missed the last chance of our lives to see Boogie Boarder play together juntos. And that's when we had to know the truth. With crowbar in hand and branded Impose ninja suits, we slipped under the cover of night past the Snake infested motes guarding the dark ramparts of Tony Castle, where we crept on our hands and knees undetected, through an inactive heating duct, and into the heart of Famous Class headquarters, so that we could eavesdrop.

And this is the horrible thing that we heard echoing through Tony's inside parts:

Willie: That was our last show, but that wasn't like our last, last
show. That was like the first show of our preunion tour.
Cyrus: It was our last Earth-prime crisis on two Earths show. Our evil
super counterparts are getting homesick.


Oh, the horror.

R.I.P. Boogie Boarder. Long live Boogie Boarder!