Darlings like some junk in the trunk

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Darlings playing the Austin Imposition at SxSW

It's ok, big girls are in style this year.

Queen knew what was up when they proclaimed fat bottomed girls make the world go 'round, and now it looks like Darlings are jumping on the badonka donk wagon. Actually, I have no idea the lyrical specifics behind the single “Big Girl,” and while it's a new recording for their soon to be released Warma EP on Famous Class, Darlings have been playing it out for a while.

If you didn't know already, I dig it, even if the recorded version sounds a bit Weezer-esque. I bring it up, because Darlings — who are one of my favorite NYC bands — must be mindful of coming too close to the past pop-rock mavens they're often compared to. I mean, I know everyone loves Weezer, but no one wants to be Weezer. Until they go away that is. Weezer, please go away. Your replacement is waiting in the wings and I can't take anymore Snuggies or Lost references.

Darlings, “Big Girl”