The Pre-Feast Freakout in SF

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pre-feast freak out al lover party

We've been plotting and scheming with Cool Al Lover ever since we cracked a few PBRs in Austin, Texas. It's only fitting that more tabs get popped and toasted in honor of his tape. Our tape release party also happens to be the night before Thanksgiving. It's an American tradition to gorge on booze (responsibly) knowing a grand feast will soak it up in your near future. So join us at Milk Bar to toss back Wild Turkey drink specials (all night, kiddos) and slam beer in a can, while jamming out to Al Lover's tape with support from Burnt Ones, POW and Fist Fam.

Keep up with the party happenings at our Facebook event page.

Order Al Lover's Satanic Tambourines here and get the digital on iTunes.