The Stroke's new album

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The Strokes “JUST” finished recording their first studio album in five years, yesterday. This means that since January or so, the group has managed to be in one place at one time to make forty minutes or so of music that will in all likelihood fit somewhere into the equation of Is This It > Room on Fire > First Impressions of Earth > Album Written Ten Years After The First One. That said, remember that time when roughly half the English speaking world went ape shit over these revivalist punk/garage guys? It was like grunge never happened and rap metal was just a grueling nightmare.

To continue the math equations. Julian Casablanca hoped that the new Strokes album (first in five years) would sound like “Thin Lizzy-style, kung-fu rock with cool 80s melodies … But there's only a 20% chance it'll end up being that.” This is an interesting comment, because it suggests that his entire 20% share of membership in the band is occupied by these wishes. Divying it further, it means that 33% of Julian Casablanca is all about kung-fu rock. That is a large portion of any human being, until you realize that he is referring to the album of that title by Mistakens, at which point you can only commiserate with the man.

The new Strokes album will supposedly be out in March 2011. Start waiting in line for the Spin show they'll play at SXSW right about now.