Yoni Wolf & Serengeti team up again

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Typical tour life tends to involve cramped seating, binging of podcasts, failed attempts to finish reading a book, ongoing conversations of sexual mishaps, and gaining a comfortable knowledge of your band mates’ bodily functions. Rare is the extremely life threatening scenario (see our tour diary feature with Trampoline Team). Also, rare is writing a script in the van, but that’s the backstory to Yoni Wolf and Serengeti’s forthcoming concept album.

In 2011 Yoni Wolf collaborated with Serengeti on the Family & Friends album, co-producing it alongside Advance Base. For the forthcoming Testarossa, the duo are back minus Advance Base. In typical Geti fashion, Testarossa is a concept record about star-crossed lovers Maddy and Davy. Their story originally written as a script while Geti and Yoni were on tour. The synopsis is Davy achieved middling success in a garage rock band during the revival of the early Aughts. He married his sweetheart after finding out she was pregnant. Things were going great until the blogs felt the garage rock revival was out of vogue. Davy’s life on the road gets tough as he has to take desperate gigs in depraved cities to scrape enough cash to send home to his family.

Stream the first single “Lunchline” below.

For more info on the record visit the Yoni & Geti website. Testarossa is out May 6 on Joyful Noise Recordings.